How To Install and Begin Using PowerDOE

This page will describe how to install and begin using PowerDOE.  If you have not yet received a registration number or downloaded the current version, visit the web page describing how to do so.

Follow these steps to install PowerDOE to your hard drive:

  1. Unzip the contents of the main PowerDOE installation file (PD_*.zip) into a temporary directory.  Execute the setup.exe program and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  3. Save the downloaded installation file (PD_*.zip) in a directory where you can find it later if you need to re-install the software.

  5. Delete the files in the temporary directory (which include the setup program and its various support files).

  7. If there are any program updates on the FTP site (such as XXXuDOE2.exe (or zip) or PDU_*.zip, where XXX and * indicate the program version number) then download and install them in chronological order (oldest update first, followed by newer updates).  You must not be running PowerDOE while installing a program update.
       Installing executable updates (files with a ".exe" file extension) requires you to simply run the update (double click on the update file using Windows Explorer) and specify the PowerDOE program directory as the location to install the updated files.
       Installing zipped updates (".zip" file extension) generally requires that you unzip the contents of the update zip file over the files in your PowerDOE program directory and/or subdirectories.  Make sure to unzip these files with the "Use Folder Names" option selected within WinZip or using the "-d" option with the command-line PKUnZip program, in order to ensure that files that belong in subdirectories of the main PowerDOE program directory get installed in their proper place.

  9. When you start PowerDOE the first time you will be prompted to enter your registration number.  You can type the number in by hand or copy it to the clipboard from your e-mail message and paste it into the registration number field via the <Ctrl>-V keystroke.
PowerDOE is a large and complex application and we therefore highly recommend that you sign up for a training session.  A one or two day training course will bring you up the learning curve quickly and will no doubt save you time and frustration in the long run.  Here is some information on upcoming training events.

You can obtain the PowerDOE Quick Start Guide (a 100 page document that provides an overview of the program) and the step-by-step tutorial from the training manual (both will be included with evaluation CD's of the commercial release) by downloading PD_Intro.exe.  This file is ~2.9 Meg and is a self-extracting zip file which unzips into the Quick Start Guide and Tutorial (including some example building descriptions).
Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and/or print the Quick Start Guide and Tutorial (download it for free).

For further assistance, contact Jeff Hirsch or Scott Criswell.

Thank you for showing interest in PowerDOE!

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